"Libertas et patria"


Our society is part of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution (NSSAR). We are a non-profit organization that promotes patriotic, historical and educational objectives, including the perpetuation of the memory of the men and women, who by their sacrifices during the American Revolutionary War, secured independence from Great Britain and established the United States of America. Our members are the direct lineal descendants of those patriots.

The Wisconsin Society, and its five Chapters, actively promotes various programs throughout the state. We have conducted scholarship and recognition programs for high school and elementary school students, ROTC, JROTC and Naval Sea Cadets, as well as Eagle Scouts. We perform volunteer work for Veterans, preserve the grave markers of Revolutionary War Patriots in our state, and recognize our public servants by presenting awards to public safety officials. The WISSAR Color Guard participates in patriotic events and parades, proudly dressed in Revolutionary War uniforms representing George Washington's personal guard.

Join Us!

Any man of age eighteen years or over, who is a lineal descendant of an ancestor who supported the War for American Independence, is eligible for membership to the Sons of the American Revolution. Further information about the membership process is addressed below. We eagerly invite you to become a part of our fine organization and are happy to provide assistance with the application process.


Membership in the Sons of the American Revolution

Do you have a Revolutionary War Patriot in your ancestral line—that is, an ancestor, male or female, who supported the Cause of American Independence during the years 1774–1783? Can you trace this person directly to you? We invite you to get started today and find out by visiting the Membership web page of the National Society, Sons of the American Revolution. Then contact Wisconsin State Genealogist Charles McGee to help you along the way with your application (use the contact form below).

Join us and become involved in the many programs and activities of our fine organization. March with the Color Guard in parades dressed in a Revolutionary War uniform; become involved with your local schools through the Knight Essay and Elementary School Poster contests; support the Boy Scouts of America with the Eagle Scout Scholarship Program; help educate young minds through ROTC, JROTC and Naval Sea Cadet programs; celebrate brave and patriotic members of your community through various awards of recognition; or simply enjoy social gatherings with people, such as yourself, who have the pride and distinction of having a Revolutionary War Patriot nestled in their lineage. These are but a few of the benefits of joining our venerable and altruistic society. With close to 200,000 members since it's inception in 1890, and over 30,000 active members today, the Sons of the American Revolution invites you to become one of our "Compatriots."

Fill out and submit the form below to contact Wisconsin State Genealogist Charles McGee.

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President: Aaron C. Krebs
1st Vice President: William T. Austin
2nd Vice President: William A. Muether
Secretary: Gregory L. Morgan
Treasurer: William T. Austin
Registrar: Michael E. Meador
Genealogist: Charles A. McGee
Historian: William A. Muether
Chaplain: James A. Hargan
Chancellor: Russell M. Buhr
National Trustee: Russell M. Buhr
Alt. National Trustee: Vacant

Committee Chairmen

Awards: Vacant
Bylaws: Charles A. McGee
Color Guard: Brian Barrett
SAR/DAR/C.A.R. Liaison: Vacant
Eagle Scout Schlr: Vacant
Finance: William A. Muether
Flag: Vacant
Genealogy: Robert J. Stone
Information Tech (IT): Aaron C. Krebs
Knight Essay: Thomas P. Curtis
Membership: Randolph J. Davis
Nominating: Varies
Rev. War Graves: Vacant
ROTC: Randolf Lee Will
Veterans: Kim J. Heltemes

Chapter Presidents

Nathaniel Ames: William T. Austin
Hendrick Aupaumut: Robert E. Johnson
Morgan-Kosciuszko: William T. Erbes
Elisha Raymond: Samuel M. Keith
Stephen Tainter: James R. Noble